About us

As the goal of Olmech, we set the production of tools at a high level, at the same time responding to the high requirements of our customers. We systematically observe the market and constantly make sure to introduce innovative technologies that meet the expectations of the market. A definite advantage of our company is focusing on modern solutions. We are well aware of the fact that time and precision of our machines and products are very important to our customers. We always make every effort to ensure that they are met.

We constantly invest in the company's development and build a team of good specialists in their fields. We place great emphasis on reliable customer service.

Please feel free to contact us. We will talk about your needs and propose the best solution at a reasonable price.

Established in
Over 250
Machines sold

We have worked with clients from the following industries

Construction industry
Energy industry
Manufacturing industry
Furniture industry
How we work

Our competences

Robust and durable

All of our machines and products are proven in operation and recommendable, made only of the most durable materials.

Highest quality and safety

We focus on development and safety all the time, which is why our products are made with the highest precision, and the machines are thought-out and well-planned structures ensuring efficient work and safety.

Reliability and punctuality

We focus on long-term cooperation and delivery of our products and machines within the time agreed by both parties. We provide efficient contact at every stage of cooperation.

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