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Robust Agricultural Machines

We specialize in the production of agricultural machinery, planters and husking machines, mainly for garlic, broad beans, onions and other bulbous plants. Planters and husking machines are perfect for small and medium-sized farms. We focus on long-term cooperation, which is why we operate reliably and professionally, and our machines are worth recommending.

  • Configuration of planter gives the opportunity to adopt planters for planting onions, broad beans, garlic and other bulbous plants by installing appropriate chains with transporting scoops
  • Additionally, the planter can be equipped with a fertilizer spreader and a roll
  • Husking machines are equipped with vulcanized husking rolls
  • Made of durable materials
  • Proven by hundreds of customers from all over Poland and Europe
Established in
Over 250
Machines sold

Why have over 250 customers from all over Poland and Europe trusted us?

Solid workmanship and durability

All of our machines are proven constructions that are designed and built to work as efficiently as possible for many years.

Top quality and many configuration options

We focus on development and safety all the time, which is why our products are made with the highest precision, and the machines are thought-out and well-planned structures ensuring efficient work and safety.

Proven solutions and safety

We combine a modern design with solutions that have been proven over the years. We focus on safety, which is why we use only solid and durable materials to build machines.

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